Super 8mm Film Nadege and Sterling

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Baby Grace with parents Sterling & Nadege travel to Barton Springs Pool in Austin Texas for some Wedding Film Shoot using Kodak Super 16mm Celluiod Film

Wedding Film Super 16mm

Sterling And Nadege go the Texas State Capital building in their Wedding outfits. And then down under the bridge to let thier little daughter Grace feed the ducks and over to Barton Springs pool in Austin Texas to have a romantic setting for thier Wedding film shoot on an ARRI SR3 using Kodak Super 16mm Celliuod FIlm!

Grace First Birthday

Shoot using an Arri SR3 Super 16mm camera with Kodak Film.  At the Lakehouse Nadege the Mother  Grace 1st Birthday. Later at the Oasis.

Super 16mm Film Demo Girl at the Wall

Forever have a real celluloid Super 16mm film that can last 100 years for you childern and your grand children even your great great grand children! You and your future husband can go to your favoite place to film your love story! 

Then show this at your rehersal dinner and reception!

Super 16mm Demo Girl in the Park

Just imagin you and your future husband together going around areas in your city getting shoot on real movie film. This is the same film showed in theaters! You could even find a theater in your area the has film projector and invite all your friends and family to watch your love story in the theater!